Different China Visa Types

China visas are permissions issued by designated Chinese authorities to foreigners who need to go to or enter any point in mainland China. A Chinese visa could also be required for staying or roaming around the country in a specified period. The requirement to get the permit is not unique to China. Almost all countries also require some kind of document to allow foreigners to get into their territories.

There are different types of travel documents provided to foreigners who need to go to the country. The Chinese authorities may issue a diplomatic visa, a courtesy visa, a service visa, or an ordinary visa. The first two permits enumerated before are usually issued to diplomats, legislators, or government representatives who go to China for a state visit or for official government business. canada pr

The ordinary China visa is the most common visa issued by authorities. It is provided to individuals who as private persons want to drop by the country for recreation, business deals, possible employment, or enrollment in any of the universities there. The ordinary China visa has up to eight categories, which are all represented by Chinese phonetic letters as their permit codes.

Common ordinary travel permits:

The most common type of ordinary China visa issued by Chinese embassies and consulates all around the world is the tourist or L visa. This category of travel documents are the most appropriate for foreigners who intend to go to the country on a temporary basis. L visa holders may intend to just tour around, visit relatives, or do other errands.

The second most popular type of ordinary China visa issued by authorities is the business or F visa. This travel permit is usually provided to foreigners who get invitations to visit the country for a business visit, lecture, or research purposes. It is also issued to those who are coming as part of cultural exchanges, short-term intern practices, or advanced studies that may last no longer than six months.

An individual who takes an employment in the country is issued with a work or Z visa. The permit may also apply to the immediate family members of the applicant who are coming with him/her. The authorities usually require a copy of the invitation or admission letter/notice sent by the potential employer as part of the application requirements.

Other types of ordinary China visas

The student or X China visa is for foreigners who intend to study in China. Those who want to practice internship in the country for more than six months are required to take this type of ordinary temporary stay documents. For journalists, the J visa is issued. There could be two types of J visas, namely, the J-1 and the J-2 visas. J-1 visa is for foreign journalists who would stay in the country for at least a year. J-2 is for those who are assigned temporarily and indefinitely in China.

The residence of D China visa is issued to different types of foreigners who intend to permanently live in China. Crewmember or C visa is for crewmembers of international navigation, aviation, or land transportation companies who would come to China for work-related missions with their families. Meanwhile, the transit or G one is for foreigners who need to transit through China.

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