Poultry House – Must Read Tips Before You Build a Poultry House

If you’re currently thinking about trying to build a poultry house, there are some very critical things that you must consider. Failure to take into account a few different factors could mean the difference between you having success or not – success being defined as getting fresh eggs on a daily basis.

Sadly, many chicken farmers make a few critical errors in their attempt to build a poultry house and this winds up costing them hundreds of dollars in the repair process. In some situations, they have to completely  รับสร้างบ้านโคราช   rebuild the poultry house altogether; a very frustrating task to say the least.

The following are the most important tips you must know before you build.

Poultry House Tip #1: Consider Total Land Space

The most important thing you must get right as you get set to build a chicken house is to make sure you’re getting the right amount of total land space. Chickens are incredibly picky animals so if you don’t follow a building plan that takes into account the exact space specifications they need for optimal growth and movement, they will not thrive as they should.

Often this leads to problems where only one or two birds out of your entire flock will be laying eggs, which, as you can image, significantly reduces the number of fresh eggs you get on a daily basis.

Always consult a proper poultry house building guide to make sure that you’re building the right small, medium, or large sized chicken coop to meet your needs.

Poultry House Tip #2: Use Light Wisely

The second tip that you should think about is to use light wisely throughout the coop. Just as you would never want to live in darkness, neither do your chickens. By adjusting the amount of light so that you’re getting the right amount to the chickens you will increase the rate at which they grow, also increasing their capabilities to lay fresh eggs.


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